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Heritage coffee farm, family owned, coffee producers, coffee plantation.

Our Roots

   140 Years perfecting the Art of Coffee Growing   

     We are a family owned business, originally from El Salvador, who now live in Richmond, BC. We are very grateful to our new home here in Canada and equally proud of our Salvadorean roots. 


     Coffee has been an integral part of our family’s history. The Llach family has been growing coffee since 1860, started by Cristina’s great-great-grandfather, Francisco Las Plazas. He came to El Salvador from the city of Olot, Catalonia, Spain. He began growing coffee at La Finca el Tigre in Santiago de María, Usulután. This coffee region, known as TECAPA CHINAMECA, is now recognized as one of the best coffee producers.

     Our family history has been recognized internationally with our grandfather’s invention of the “muciginilator”. A machine that removes mucilage from coffee in a mechanized way. This method is now used worldwide. Prudencio Llach Schonenberg also built the first automated coffee mill in Central America. Oromontique Mill still functions today.


     Llach Café, our heritage and pride, is the result of more than 140 years of coffee growing knowledge and expertise that has been transferred from generation to generation. Since 1984, Cristina's mother, Doña María Cristina Llach, has dedicated her life’s work to growing and improving the quality of our beloved beans.

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