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Coffee farms in El Salvador, specialty coffee, Tecapa Chinameca region.

La Haciendita

   Elevation 1,300 to 1,650 meters above Sea Level   

     La Haciendita farm is located at Cerro El Tigre, Usulután. This area is part of the Tecapa-Chinameca mountain range. It was inhabited by the Nahuat people before Spanish conquistadors. From the late 1800. These lands were cultivated for the production of indigo and later for coffee plantations. 


     Located at the summit of this mountain, La Haciendita is a terrain with steep slopes and fertile soil with ideal properties for (SHG) Strictly Hight Grown coffee cultivation. The altitud range here varies between 1250 to 1650 mts. above sea level. 

     This location provides two summits and a small valley creating a microclimate ideal for cultivation of our Pacamara, Bourbon and Geisha varieties. These high density coffees deliver a cup highly appreciated by specialty coffee lovers.


     “La Haciendita" farm's shade-grown philosophy and commitment to sustainable coffee cultivation practices make it a responsible and eco-friendly choice for coffee lovers who value high-quality, ethically produced coffee.

Fairly traded coffee, hand picked cherries, ripe cherries, coffee beans

Our Process

1. Nursery

5. Drying

2. Sowing

6. Hulling

3. Picking

7. Exporting

4. Washing

8. Roasting

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